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Life that you


What would your life look like if you had no fear of failure?

Would you try new things, embrace your purpose and love others more deeply?

What if you could have that life right now? Would you take it?

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Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm a stay-at-home mom who tried and failed for over 17 years to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Once I made a major mindset shift, I became committed to my goals and how I connected with the world around me.

Now, I'm a multi-millionaire on a mission to help other people discover how they can start living their best life too.

You were made to win, let me help you get there.

Listen below as I read an excerpt from one of the chapters in my book.

I am dedicated to providing resources for people to learn how they can start living a life they love right now.

Based on over twenty years of searching for the right connections, I have discovered that your best life is waiting to be lived — all you have to do is start.

The visualization of aligning your Spirit, Mind and Body in order to connect to a life you love is my unique approach to encountering a truly fulfilling life.

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About me! Why should you trust me?

I have been an entrepreneur for over twenty years with over seventeen years of failed business attempts in ten different companies. After a difficult conversation with my husband, Tim, I turned my mindset around and made the decision that I was going to succeed, once and for all.

Now, I run a multi-million dollar business that proved that all I was missing were my own actions. After choosing to get committed and stay committed, I found the success I always knew I could have!

Game Changer!

Now, I want to help others discover that they are game changers for their own lives, too, and whatever goals and dreams they have are achievable.

In my book, I have written down the decisions I made to take control of my life and I want to help you avoid the mistakes and start living a life you love much, much sooner.

You are the game changer in your own story and you can connect to a life you love today.

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What others are saying about Game Changer...

“The book “Game Changer” is as good as its title. When you read it, you will discover that there is so much wisdom and knowledge presented that if you follow the guiding words and reflect on how this book can impact your life, your game in life can be forever altered!” —Marie Kerr


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“This book is filled with great advice and even more importantly, great questions to help you work through key areas that may be holding you back.

I loved reading about Amy's journey - she is so relatable and has found a way to make the lessons she has learned along the way to 7 figure success so accessible.

The path and what I need to work on so I can achieve my version of success is clear.”

—Wendy Brookhouse


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In this book, you will focus on how to figure out what your purpose is and how to live out that purpose. You'll learn about practical tools that will help you embrace the life you dream of having.

Each chapter in the book will get you DOING the things you learn about so that at the end of the book, you'll not only have the tools you need, but a solid foundation that you've built along the way.

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You will learn about goal setting, getting committed and removing doubts and distractions that could stop you from connecting fully to your ideal life.

We each have barriers that might be holding us back from trying new things, so you'll learn about key mindset shifts that need to take place in order to remove these barriers.

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You will learn about ways to maintain consistency with the new commitments and choices you've made while reading the guide book. Your new lifestyle should align with your values and priorities and the only way to see change happen is if you choose to take action.

Filled with inspiration and helpful tips for connecting to yourself and to others, this entire guide book will bring everything together in perfect alignment of spirit, mind and body.

“Amy Murphy knows how to captivate; if you ever thought about finding a book to help you get more of what you want in your life—this is the one. An easy and profound won’t just be learning, you’ll be enjoying!”

—Stephanie Brown

Just Stop for a Second and Ask Yourself:

What would your life look like if you had no fear of failure?

Would you try new things, embrace your purpose and love others more deeply?

What if you could have that life right now?

Would you take it?

YOU are a Game Changer!

Yes, you!
The reality is, you were made for more and you can achieve whatever you dream of.
This book will take you through the steps to bring your spirit, mind and body into alignment so that you can connect to a life you love and change the game forever.

Welcome, Game Changer!


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Open the book and enjoy the journey starting TODAY!

I will take you on my persoanl journey through failure to success.

I will help you identify those game changing moments that you have had that lead to you this moment!

I will help you connect to that life that you have been dreaming of!

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Key Training and Certifications:

Law of Attraction Life Coach Certificatioin

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) Certification

Mindset Life Coach Certification

Herbalism: Medicinal Kitchen Herbs & Spices Certificate

Herbalism: Essential First Aid Remedies Certificate

Reiki Practitioner Level 1 attunement

The Science of Well Being Certification from Yale University

Crystal Healing Certificate

Sage Method certification

Certified Angel card reader (Kyle Gray)



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